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About us

Bio-Medical Proteomics is a BioTech Consulting & Contract Research Company, located in London, Ontario, Canada at the Western University Research Park's Stiller Centre.


Our mission is to facilitate the study of proteins and create a positive impact on human, animal, plant and microbial research. MORE... 


We here to work together with you to help accelerate your projects.

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We specialize in providing proteomics-based consultancy, data analysis, research & development services to our clients.


We identify and validate novel protein markers and potential therapeutic targets using diverse biological samples such as body fluids, tissue, and cell types.

We use Biochemistry, Immunology, Analytical Chemistry, Bioinformatics & Systems Biology platforms to help our partners. MORE...

Protein identification: Expertise in conducting projects for pharma & academic partners using high-throughput proteomics.


Protein validation: Absolute quantitation of protein using isotopic standards and Selective Reaction Monitoring (SRM).


Nephrology: Biomarker discovery for post-cardiac surgery-associated Acute Kidney Injury.


Rheumatology: Pharma projects on RA patients receiving anti-inflammatory therapies such as Infliximab, Methotrexate.



Bio-Medical Proteomics

121-700 Collip Circle, Stiller Center

The University of Western Ontario Research Park

London, Ontario, N6G 4X8, CANADA

Ph +1 (226) 503-7133 
Fax +1 (226) 213-4508

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